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    Maxima colourful and stylish magnets are attractive in every sense of the word; they’re the perfect partner for any noticeboard and won’t ever let you down. Here, you’ll find magnets for regular whiteboards, glass wipe boards or maybe even magnetic noticeboards themselves. Not sure what type of board you have? Read on…Steel whiteboards - Most standard noticeboards are made from thin, white-painted steel with a dry-wipe surface and aluminium frame. Almost any magnet can be used on these boards.Glass wipe boards - Glass wipe boards offer a more stylish touch. Often frameless, with a coloured background they are made from a pane of glass on top of a thin layer of steel. Because the magnets have to attract through the layer of glass, they need to be stronger than those used on regular boards. Suitable magnets are available in 30mm diameter, 40mm diameter or skittle-shaped.A brand new addition to our range is magnetic plaster. Applied in the same way as regular plaster but our office and noticeboard magnets stick to it perfectly. Ideal for creating an interactive wall or noticeboard in your office.
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